SAPUI5 – Know Your Controls : Input

We use the input field for entering or editing text or numeric values in the application. The sap.m.Input provides an set of extended features like auto complete suggestions and value state to help enrich the user experience while entering any thing in the application. Types of Input in SAPUI5 : Date Time Input : We can input an date or select an date using […]

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SAPUI5 – Know Your Controls : Button

In SAPUI5, the button control is used to define an simple clickable button. Through an button, the user can trigger an action either by clicking on or tapping the button, or by pressing certain keys. There are many varieties of buttons in SAPUI5, each having its own uses and requirements. Buttons in SAPUI5 are broadly classified into the following Types :   sap.m Library […]

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Filter it

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 09 – Filter It!

Filter It! FILTER operator is one of the constructor expressions which creates a result of a table type specified using ‘type’ in the below syntax. General syntax: … FILTER type(  itab [ EXCEPT ]  [ IN ftab ] [ USING KEY keyname ] WHERE c1 op f1  [ AND c2 op f2 […] ] ) … According to the where condition specified the rows are taken from the existing […]

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Let me express

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 08 – LET Me Express.

Let Expression: As per SAP help document, a LET expression defines variables var1, var2, … or field symbols <fs1>, <fs2>, … as local helper fields in an expression and assigns values to them. When declared, the auxiliary fields can be used in the operand positions of the expression. There is no way of accessing an auxiliary field statically outside  its expression. Any clue on whats going on here?. When I […]

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iteration expresson FOR

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 07 – Iteration Expression FOR

Iteration Expression: To define iteration expression you can use the iteration operator ‘FOR’. Along with this there is another operator ‘REDUCE’ depends on the iteration expressions. When we use ‘FOR’ operator it works just like a loop at itab. It assigns a value to work area or field-symbols for each loop. This can be used with VALUE to populate data. General Syntax: FOR wa|<fs> […]

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String on me

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 06 – Strings on Me!

Strings on Me! Hello everyone, with the release of ABAP 7.30 +(before 7.40)  there are some new features added to deal with strings in ABAP. The new operators, chaining operator(&&), literal operator(&). These two operators can replace with the old CONCATENATE and we discuss about them at the end of this episode. Before that we are going to see about string templates & more in […]

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