Northwind oData service

How to use northwind oData service for UI5 application.

northwind is a free oData service which we can use it for the UI5 applications. We can use this service as a test data service for practicing development of application. northwind have read-write, read only access types of services. This service have several entity types such as Employees,  Customers, orders etc.. Northwind URL : Other Reference OData URL : In this example we are using […]

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CRUD Application with SAPUI5 Using external service and Ajax Call

CRUD operations are the very essential things which are required in most of the UI5 applications. We already explained the ways of implementing CRUD operations on local JSON data. In this post we are going to explain how to implement CRUD operations to UI5 application with external or remote OData service using AJAX calls. This post covers Creating the User Interface Creating the project Setting up the SAPUI5 bootstrap and […]

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How to get selected row index from sap.m.Table

Previously we seen how to create tables in UI5 with different UI controllers and how to get the selected column details from table. In this post we are explaining the way of getting sap.m.Table selected row index. This will be helpful in many situation when we are using table in your application. Read: How to get selected row data from sap.ui.Table.table. Note : Table index start with […]

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SAPUI5 Filtering in JSON model

In this post we are going to learn how to do filtering for JSON model, Here Filtering is implemented in Javascript because the data is available on client. Here we are applying Filter opertaion for table. Lets discuss step by step: First create applicaiton View1.view.js In View we are going to create our controls, Here we are using table controller to display the JSON […]

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SAPUI5 Table in XML view with different controllers.

Tables are the widely used UI controls in any applications. In UI5 we have tables in many forms such as sap.ui.table.Table, sap.m.Table, Smart Tables etc.. These tables are constructed using aggregation binding. Aggregation binding will help to create tables rows according to data model. Suggested Reading: sap.m.Table with different UI controllers. Requirement : Creating SAPUI5 table in XML view. For data it should use JSON […]

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How to change format of date in SAPUI5

Development Scenario: Getting date field value from data model or some back end service. Date is coming in Date object format such as Thu Aug 25 2016 16:33:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time). Now you want to change the format of date value while displaying in UI5 application. Solution for date field formatting There are many ways of solving this using JavaScript. But here we are […]

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Data binding in SAPUI5 with simple example

Data binding is the declarative programming approach in which properties of model are associated with the properties of UI elements. Also known as UI values bounded to data model. This data binding technique in SAPUI5 helps to display model-based information on the screen. We hope you are well aware of creating UI5 applications and the basics of UI programming before starting with this tutorial. […]

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