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What's new in ABAP

What’s New In ABAP Series Introduction.

Oh! you are here. Welcome to new series ‘What’s New In ABAP’ a place where we talk about all new features added in ABAP 7.40 + & ABAP 7.50 +. I know it is bit late to come up with this series, but as Nicholas Sparks said “It is never too late to do the right thing!” :). I see lot of folks yet to get their hands-on ABAP 7.40 new features, this is for them.


I came across ABAP new syntax s last year when I was working for a project (secret ;)) where latest ABAP system 7.40, running with HANA as back end. Initially I was lazy to learn new syntax s to write ABAP code.

After a while I got to know how comfortable & flexible it is, especially for a lazy guy like me. To start writing code with new ABAP 7.40 features I read some of the existing standard code & from my colleagues. Later I have searched on internet, went through SAP Help documentation, different blogs & articles. I must say those were awesome.

Then, I have decided to keep everything here in our blog to save your time. I am going to share almost every new feature from ABAP 7.40 + to 7.50 +. Everything’s here!

Why should I learn?

First thing, you can show off to your colleagues & friends by writing something which they do not understand at a glance 😉 just kidding(no I’m not). The main reason is you can save your time, you can use new ready-made functions, moreover you can interact with HANA using ABAP 7.40. i.e. CDS Views, AMDP. Yes, ABAP on HANA!

Ending Note:

Just like you I’m a learner, if any of you folks think something is missing or anything misleading the readers, in any episode of this series, kindly do not shoot me with eggs ;). Kindly Let us and the readers know. I am looking forward to learn from you guys too. Cheers to all!

Enough about my boring speech :D, Let’s start!


Episode 04 – Table Expressions

Table Expressions:If I have to say what are table expressions in aassan bhashaa mein, they are a clone to ‘Read Statement’. Whatever you can do with ‘Read’ you do it in a very short form of expressions. General Syntax:.. itab[ .. ] ..It is new way of accessing the internal table lines. If the line is not found it will raise an exception CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND. Kee […]

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Episode 06 – Strings on Me!

Strings on Me! Hello everyone, with the release of ABAP 7.30 + there are some new features came to light to deal with strings. The new operators, chaining operator ‘&&’ and literal operator ‘&’. These two operators can replace with the old CONCATINATE and we discuss about them at the end of this episode. Before that we are going to see about string templates & more i[…]

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Episode 09 – Filter It!

Filter It! FILTER is one of the constructor expressions which creates a result of a table type specified using ‘type’ in the below syntax. General syntax: … FILTER type( itab [ EXCEPT ] [ IN ftab ] [ USING KEY keyname ] WHERE c1 op f1 [ AND c2 op f2 […] ] ) …
According to the where condition specified the rows are taken from the existing internal table ‘itab’ and co[…]
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Episode 10 – Loop AT.. Group By.

LOOP AT .. GROUP BY: The addition of ‘GROUP BY ‘with ‘LOOP AT’, groups the rows of the internal table and executes a loop across the groups. Alright, I don’t know about you when I read this I have no clue what does it do. Let me get you to the actual point, first have look at the syntax. General Syntax: LOOP AT itab result [ cond ] GROUP BY group_key [ ASCENDING|DESCENDING [AS TEXT] ] [WITHOUT MEMBERS ] [ group_result ]..[ LOOP AT GROUP …..ENDLOOP. ]..ENDLOOP..[…]
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