Whats new in ABAP

Blog Series covering ABAP 7.40 Features

What's new in ABAP

What’s New In ABAP Series Introduction.

Oh! you are here. Welcome to new series ‘What’s New In ABAP’ a place where we talk about all new features added in ABAP 7.40 + & ABAP 7.50 +. I know it is bit late to come up with this series, but as Nicholas Sparks said “It is never too late to do the right thing!” :). I see lot of folks yet to get their hands-on ABAP 7.40 new features, this is for them.


I came across ABAP new syntax s last year when I was working for a project (secret ;)) where latest ABAP system 7.40, running with HANA as back end. Initially I was lazy to learn new syntax s to write ABAP code.

After a while I got to know how comfortable & flexible it is, especially for a lazy guy like me. To start writing code with new ABAP 7.40 features I read some of the existing standard code & from my colleagues. Later I have searched on internet, went through SAP Help documentation, different blogs & articles. I must say those were awesome.

Then, I have decided to keep everything here in our blog to save your time. I am going to share almost every new feature from ABAP 7.40 + to 7.50 +. Everything’s here!

Why should I learn?

First thing, you can show off to your colleagues & friends by writing something which they do not understand at a glance 😉 just kidding(no I’m not). The main reason is you can save your time, you can use new ready-made functions, moreover you can interact with HANA using ABAP 7.40. i.e. CDS Views, AMDP. Yes, ABAP on HANA!

Ending Note:

Just like you I’m a learner, if any of you folks think something is missing or anything misleading the readers, in any episode of this series, kindly do not shoot me with eggs ;). Kindly Let us and the readers know. I am looking forward to learn from you guys too. Cheers to all!

Enough about my boring speech :D, Let’s start!


Episode 04 – Table Expressions

Table Expressions:If I have to say what are table expressions in aassan bhashaa mein, they are a clone to ‘Read Statement’. Whatever you can do with ‘Read’ you do it in a very short form of expressions. General Syntax:.. itab[ .. ] ..It is new way of accessing the internal table lines. If the line is not found it will raise an exception CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND. Kee […]

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Episode 06 – Strings on Me!

Strings on Me! Hello everyone, with the release of ABAP 7.30 + there are some new features came to light to deal with strings. The new operators, chaining operator ‘&&’ and literal operator ‘&’. These two operators can replace with the old CONCATINATE and we discuss about them at the end of this episode. Before that we are going to see about string templates & more i[…]

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Episode 09 – Filter It!

Filter It! FILTER is one of the constructor expressions which creates a result of a table type specified using ‘type’ in the below syntax. General syntax: … FILTER type( itab [ EXCEPT ] [ IN ftab ] [ USING KEY keyname ] WHERE c1 op f1 [ AND c2 op f2 […] ] ) …
According to the where condition specified the rows are taken from the existing internal table ‘itab’ and co[…] Coming Soon..

Episode 10 – Loop AT.. Group By.

LOOP AT .. GROUP BY: The addition of ‘GROUP BY ‘with ‘LOOP AT’, groups the rows of the internal table and executes a loop across the groups. Alright, I don’t know about you when I read this I have no clue what does it do. Let me get you to the actual point, first have look at the syntax. General Syntax: LOOP AT itab result [ cond ] GROUP BY group_key [ ASCENDING|DESCENDING [AS TEXT] ] [WITHOUT MEMBERS ] [ group_result ]..[ LOOP AT GROUP …..ENDLOOP. ]..ENDLOOP..[…] Coming Soon..