Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions for Experience Candidates.

Nagendra Babu
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Following questions were asked in major MNC companies.Hope these will help you to cross check your knowledge.

  1. What is MVC architecture in Web Dynpro ABAP ?
  2. What are the types of controllers in Web Dynpro and explain each?
  3. How often do you use code wizard to write code in Web Dynpro?
  4. What are the hook methods available in Web Dynpro?
  5. Can you explain the flow of hook methods execution?
  6. What is the procedure to enhance a component in Web Dynpro ?
  7. Can you tell us about the landscape of your project?
  8. When to use the attribute wd_assist?
  9. What is the purpose of wd_this?
  10. When will the method WDDOINIT executes?
  11. How to navigate from one view to another view?
  12. What is the use of assistance class?
  13. How to use RoadMap UI element?
  14. What is singleton node and non-singleton node?
  15. What is the difference between method and action?
  16. How do you measure the performances of Web Dynpro Applications?
  17. What is the difference between “RadioButtonGroupByIndex” and “RadioButtonGroupByKey”?
  18. What are the standard interfaces, classes available in Web Dynpro?
  19. How to implement the select options in Web Dynpro?
  20. When do we use interface controller?
  21. Is it possible to run Web Dynpro applications in background?
  22. Have worked on the components FPM_GAF_COMPONENT and FPM_OIF_COMPONENT?
  23. When do we use supply functions?
  24. Can we create a transaction for Web Dynpro application?
  25. Have you done any enhancements?
  26. How do we achieve internationalization for Web Dynpro applications?
  27. How do you handle the messages in Web Dynpro?
  28. What is the difference between component controller and view controller?
  29. How do we access the attributes of a component controller and view controller?
  30. What is the standard component used for ALV?
  31. Difference between context mapping and context binding?
  32. What is a service call in Web Dynpro?
  33. What is the cardinality and explain the purpose of it?
  34. Difference between internal and external context mapping?
  35. When do we use view container UI element?
  36. What are plugs?
  37. What are the t- codes available to measure performance of WD apps?
  38. When do we create custom controllers?
  39. What are typical phases, which you have encountered in a project?
  40. What is an empty view?
  41. How to display totals and subtotals Web Dynpro ALV?
  42. What are the events in ALV Web Dynpro?
  43. How to add buttons in ALV cells?
  44. While designing the layout how do you provide space between each UI elements?
  45. How do you pass parameters through the URL of a WD app?
  46. What are the mandatory properties of any UI elements?
  47. How do you bind the values to Table UI element?
  48. How to make editable rows in Table UI element?
  49. How to get a selected row in a table UI element?
  50. What is the use of WDMODIFYVIEW?
  51. How to pass the data from one component to another component?
  52. Can you explain the purpose of Interface view?
  53. Any idea about dynamic programming in Web Dynrpo?
  54. What is the purpose of WD visibility?
  55. How do we create OVS search help?
  56. What are the events related to table UI element?
  57. How to clear Web Dynpro cache?

I will keep updating this post whenever I found more interesting questions.

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Rely fabulous job you are. Doing… A small suggestion will u include answers it will very helpful


Hi Basha,

Thanks for your comment, sorry we can’t provide the answers as these are only to cross check your present skills and to improve on your own. Happy learning 🙂

Sagar BR

Nyc work guys u r really doing well , this will surely help us . but with this webdynpro questions please provide FPM questions as well .

thank you…

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