How to use SAPUI5 Explored App for learning UI5.

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SAPUI5 explored app is a great tool for getting to know about UI controls in UI5. There you can find the example for all the UI controls which are available officially from library. With examples it also have detailed information about each control. If you are working on UI5, then it is a must visit web application.

Explored is a app developed and maintained in order to help developers for creating controls easily. In case if you are struggling to use new UI elements in UI5, this guide can help you to get the track of explored app.

Link : SAPUI5 Explored App


This is the welcome page of the App. It uses master-detail application structure. Left side list has all the UI elements available. Right side window will display information about selected UI control. In left side list you can search for UI element.

Filtering and sorting

Top left filter button can be used for filtering and sorting UI elements based on namespace, version and category.


UI Element Samples

When you select any UI element from left sidebar you can see detailed information about that control including few samples as shown above.


In information section you can find simple description about element, few samples, properties, events and methods that are supported by control. You can also see the parent control which the element is inherited from.


Source Code for Samples

One more good thing about explored is, we can view and download all the sample demos which are available. To view source you can click on top right button in sample demo page as shown in below screenshot.


Whole sample project can be downloaded using download option.


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It would be very helpful for you to understand UI5, if you are familiar with many controls. Play around SAPUI5 explored and try as many as possible UI elements.


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