Requirement 1 – Upload Excel from Local System to SAP Table using ABAP

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ABAP Sample Requirement: 1

Upload an excel file from local system( Ex: PC ) and insert those records into the database table using ABAP.

Step 1: Create a ZTable with the below fields in the snapshot, that is to be updated through excel.

Step 2: Excel Structure that is to be uploaded.

Step 3: Program to upload excel. (With explanation)

There are many function modules in SAP ABAP to upload an excel file from presentation  server to database. Using FM – TEXT_CONVERT_XLS_TO_SAP & Go to SE24 to create a global class which will have methods to Upload Excel and F4 help for file name.

Define a structure for the internal table that holds records from the excel sheet.


Method UPLOAD_EXCEL with below parameters



Final Code:

Go to SE38,

Generate a report to update database table.


“Provide excel filename using F4 help as shown below.

On F8, Excel records will be uploaded to the DB table.

Table entries : ZTASK