SAPUI5 – Introduction

SAPUI5 is a rich user interface development toolkit developed using JavaScript. It also includes a library of UI elements which speed ups the development process.

Unlike other JavaScript framework, it is not just a framework or library of UI elements. As in definition it provides complete development toolkit for developing UI applications. It provides custom development environment in Eclipse, Web based development environment called WebIDE, fairly well documented framework, library of rich UI elements, Icons packs and many more utilities.

Since SAP is mainly focused on enterprise business applications, UI5 also concentrated more on the same. Hence this is not much suitable for developing web applications which are not having business use cases.

With this tutorial section on InkYourCode blog, we will try to guide you through the learning process of SAPUI5. We will try to cover as much as topics in UI5. If you find any issues with any of these tutorials kindly let us know through comments. So that we can correct that for other users. Let’s get started with business standard web application framework – SAPUI5.