InkYourCode Blog SAPUI5 and Fiori Important Interview Questions.

SAPUI5 and Fiori Important Interview Questions.

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Authored by Here are the list of important questions asked in major companies for SAPUI5 and fiori interviews. Since SAPUI5 is based on different web technologies you should be prepared with those things also.

  1. What is SAP UI5 ?
  2. What is Fiori ?
  3. What is the difference between SAP UI5 and FIORI ?
  4. Explain Fiori Design Guidelines ?
  5. How can we improve the performance of SAP UI5 application ?
  6. Explain MVC architecture in SAP UI5 ?
  7. Explain Types of data models ?
  8. What is difference between XML and JSON model ?
  9. What is ODATA model and it’s advantages ?
  10. What are the types of views in SAP UI5 ?
  11. what are different libraries we have in SAP UI5 and give example for each ?
  12. What are fragments ?
  13. What is Component.js/configuration file ?
  14. What does metadata section contain ?
  15. What is i18n/internationalization concept?
  16. What is indexing(link related topic) ?
  17. Explain navigation in SAP UI5 ?(Explain about Routing and Event Bus)
  18. What is custom controllers and how can we create custom controllers in SAP UI5 ?
  19. What is prototyping in JavaScript ?
  20. What is closure in JavaScript ?
  21. What are managed objects ?
  22. How will a fragment know that which controller is called first ?
  23. What are the types of data bindings in SAP UI5 ?
  24. What is bootstrapping in SAPUI5 ?
  25. Explain launch pad configuration in fiori ?
  26. How will you assign role in launchpad for group of user ?
  27. What are the difference between catalog and groups in launchpad ?
  28. How to achieve styling of a SAPUI5 element without custom CSS ?
  29. Where we are using ajax in SAP UI5 ?
  30. What is chaining ?
  31. How to create an Empty object ?
  32. What are the default binding modes of ODATA and JSON ?
  33. What is Factory function ?
  34. What is difference between == and === ?
  35. What is “this” variable ?
  36. What are new features introduced in HTML5 ?
  37. What is Application cache and local storage ?
  38. What are semantic elements in HTML ?
  39. What is SVG and CANVAS in HTML5 ? Differenciate between them.
  40. What are the new form elements introduced in HTML 5 ?
  41. Explain Ajax steps to accessing the data ?
  42. What is callback function ?
  43. What is the syntax to define a control in UI5 ?
  44. Can we add our own controls to UI5 ?
  45. What are Fiori design principles ?