String on me

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 06 – Strings on Me!

Strings on Me! Hello everyone, with the release of ABAP 7.30 +(before 7.40)  there are some new features added to deal with strings in ABAP. The new operators, chaining operator(&&), literal operator(&). These two operators can replace with the old CONCATENATE and we discuss about them at the end of this episode. Before that we are going to see about string templates & more in […]

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How to create and use i18n text in SAPUI5 application.

As we seen about i18n concepts of UI5 applications in our previous post, in this post we are going to explain how to create i18n file and how to use it. this tutorials also have example screenshots and sample codes for your reference. Our demo application file structure is as shown in below screenshot:   Sample Code : index.html

app.view.js Here we are binding […]

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Introduction to SAPUI5 i18n [ Internationalization ].

Resource files/i18n are used to store language-dependent texts and property values. i.e., application can be accessed in different languages like German, French, Arabic etc., These i18n files contains key/value pairs, where the values are the language-dependent texts and the keys are language-independent. These keys of i18n files are used by the application to identify and access the corresponding values. i18n files naming conventions : Resource files/i18n […]

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sap.m.MessageStrip: UI controller that display status messages.

sap.m.MessageStrip is an UI controller which can be used to display status messages in UI5 application. There are 4 types of MessageStrips, each one is having different styles for different statuses such as error, information, warning and success. SAPUI5 Library for MessageStrip– sap.m.MessageStrip SAPUI5 Library is the folder location where we can get our controllers. To use the controllers we should refer to it’s […]

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Custom header and footer for UI5 page with sap.m.Bar

In previous post we learnt how to create Bar control in SAP UI5, In this tutorial we are going to explain how to add different style for sap.m.Bar for different requirements. Design of the bar can be done using sap.m.BarDesign. There are 4 types of predefined bar designs, Lets discuss one by one with example 1. sap.m.BarDesign.Auto : It automatically change its style depends on where you place in page. […]

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