CRUD Application with SAPUI5 Using external service and Ajax Call

CRUD operations are the very essential things which are required in most of the UI5 applications. We already explained the ways of implementing CRUD operations on local JSON data. In this post we are going to explain how to implement CRUD operations to UI5 application with external or remote OData service using AJAX calls. This post covers Creating the User Interface Creating the project Setting up the SAPUI5 bootstrap and […]

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Northwind oData service

How to use northwind oData service for UI5 application.

northwind is a free oData service which we can use it for the UI5 applications. We can use this service as a test data service for practicing development of application. northwind have read-write, read only access types of services. This service have several entity types such as Employees,  Customers, orders etc.. Northwind URL : Other Reference OData URL : In this example we are using […]

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json view in chrome

How to view JSON data properly in chrome.

JSON – Javascript Object Notation is a data interchange format used widely in web technologies. In UI5 also we use JSON for data binding. Usually when browsers render these types of data files, it will be displayed in non-reader friendly format. Reading and understanding such format is hectic. So we have a extension called JSONViewer which makes our work easy. Read : UI5 Inspector plugin […]

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sap.m.List: Growing list with scroll bar

sap.m.ListBase provides growing-related properties, which can be used for tables and lists. The List control provides a container for all types of list items. For mobile devices, the recommended limit of list items is 100, to assure proper performance. To improve initial rendering of large lists, use growing feature. In this example we are going to explain about List growing with scrolling bar. Growing-related properties of sap.m.ListBase […]

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