Filter it

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 09 – Filter It!

Filter It! FILTER operator is one of the constructor expressions which creates a result of a table type specified using ‘type’ in the below syntax. General syntax: … FILTER type(  itab [ EXCEPT ]  [ IN ftab ] [ USING KEY keyname ] WHERE c1 op f1  [ AND c2 op f2 […] ] ) … According to the where condition specified the rows are taken from the existing […]

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Let me express

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 08 – LET Me Express.

Let Expression: As per SAP help document, a LET expression defines variables var1, var2, … or field symbols <fs1>, <fs2>, … as local helper fields in an expression and assigns values to them. When declared, the auxiliary fields can be used in the operand positions of the expression. There is no way of accessing an auxiliary field statically outside  its expression. Any clue on whats going on here?. When I […]

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iteration expresson FOR

What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 07 – Iteration Expression FOR

Iteration Expression: To define iteration expression you can use the iteration operator ‘FOR’. Along with this there is another operator ‘REDUCE’ depends on the iteration expressions. When we use ‘FOR’ operator it works just like a loop at itab. It assigns a value to work area or field-symbols for each loop. This can be used with VALUE to populate data. General Syntax: FOR wa|<fs> […]

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What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 05 – Internal Table Functions.

Internal Table Functions: In the last episode 04 we have talked about table expressions to avoid ‘READ’ statements. If you observe that we were not doing any sy-subrc check, since they are not allowed with table expressions. We have line exists, line index functions which are pretty handy to avoid read statements. What if there is a situation where you need to find out the if […]

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What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 03 – Squeezing ABAP Code

Squeezing ABAP Code Hello there, The first 2 episodes in ‘What’s New In ABAP’ series we have seen some of the new abap syntaxes introduced with ABAP 7.40. So before you squeezing ABAP Code (old), probably you must have a look at the first Inline and constructor episodes. Because You cannot start watching a famous series like Narcos, Suits or GOT from episode 3 […]

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What’s New In ABAP – Series 01, Episode 02 – Constructor Operators

Constructor Operators: This episode we are going to learn the constructor operators, introduced with the release of ABAP 7.40 . It can be used in constructor expressions to create a result that can be used at operand positions. sounds confusing? I know that feeling don’t worry we will first see the general syntax and how it looks in our examples. General Syntax: operator type(…) […]

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